Friday, June 17, 2011

Two Months

Vivienne is two months old today! I can't believe she has already been with us for that long and I can't believe it's gone by so fast! We absolutely love everything about this girl. She could not be any sweeter. I want to remember all the moments of my little peanuts life as best I can so I'm putting it on my blog since this is really my scrapbook. Plus it's a nice way to show her off to my family that doesn't get to see her grow. Things to remember about her:

She is so sweet in the morning. She is always so happy and smiley.
I love her sweaty little feet in the morning and the lint between her little toes from her jammies.
She loves to have her diaper changed. She loves the circles on her wall above her changing table, she smiles and coos at them every time I lay her there.
She LOVES the bath! She loves to bathe with Momma and the tub always makes her happy.
She loves to go swimming. She is going to be our little fishy.
She loves being outside and going on walks.
She LOVES the car! I put her in her seat and she just knows we get to go for a ride.
She is an awesome nurser. I love the little noises she makes when she's eating. I love how her little fingers tickle the back of my arm and grab my shirt and hair.
She is so strong! She wishes she could just get around on her own. She loves to use her legs and kick off anything her little feet touch. She loves when we help her stand up.
She has started to find her voice and has gotten so smiley. She has the cutest laugh! of course she has only done it while in a deep sleep, but it is adorable!
We are trying to wean her out of our bed and into her cradle. I think Momma is more sad than she is. I love snuggling with her all night long.
She is Momma's little buddy and we love visiting Daddy for lunch a few times a week.
She loves to nibble on her little fist.

I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting but that's a good list for now. W e just love her so much and feel so blessed that she is a part of our little family.

Happy in the morning.

Those are THE cutest little toes in the whole world! I love each and every one of them!
Taking a late morning nap.
Getting ready to go visit Daddy.
Momma and Viv.
Daddy and Viv.
I love her big dark gray eyes.

Happy to be standing up.
Just hanging out with Daddy at work.
Getting her diaper changed.
Loving her circles!
Daddy and Viv at the pool last weekend.
Swimmin in style!
Viv in her cute swimmer Grandpa Hugie and Tonya got for her.
We had family pictures taken two weeks ago with the whole Garner side and here is a cute one of my little Vivy Bean.


  1. kali she is so so so cute. i wish i could hold her and see her in person. you look so GOOD! and i just new you would be the best mom ever. YAY! so happy for you guys.

  2. Her smile is to die for! Love all the pics. I am getting so excited to come see you.

  3. I LOVE her eyess!!! She is adorable. So happy for you, Kali!